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  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening
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    Veneers look great, but how do you keep them that way? Read on. Although porcelain veneers are high-quality and durable restorations, they do require a certain amount of care and vigilance Read more
  • Treating Gum Abscesses and the Underlying Gum Disease
    If you have periodontal (gum) disease, you’ve no doubt experienced red and swollen gums. If, however, you notice an especially inflamed area next to a tooth, you may have Read more
  • No "Glee" in Tooth Grinding
    Sure, it’s big news when celebs tweet selfies from the dental office… if you’re still living in the 20th century. But in Hollywood today, it’s harder to say who Read more
  • Orthodontic Headgear: What It Is and Why It May be Needed
    Most of us are quite familiar with what traditional braces look like. But occasionally we see more complex-looking devices being worn by young orthodontic patients: thicker wires that extend Read more
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    As a member of the best-selling pop group Spice Girls, Mel C (AKA Sporty Spice) enjoyed her share of musical superstardom. At the band’s peak in the Nineties, the Read more
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  • Christie Brinkley Shares Her Experience With Dental Implants
    Fracturing back molars is an experience no one ever wants to have. But when a helicopter crashed during a back country ski trip, supermodel Christie Brinkley soon discovered that Read more
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    When you look in the mirror in the morning, are you proud of what you see? If not, a quality set of veneers from Geetha L. Sripathi, DMD, PLLC at Read more
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    What would it take to get you to give up tobacco? For major league baseball player Addison Reed, it took the death of his former coach, Tony Gwynn. Gwynn, Read more