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What Makes ClearCorrect Braces Different?

Want to get a straighter smile without others noticing? ClearCorrect could help!clearcorrect braces

You want a straight smile but perhaps you think that ship has sailed. “Aren’t I too old for braces?” is something we hear a lot from our adult patients, but our Morrisville, NC, dentist, Dr. Geetha Sripathi, is here to tell you that you most certainly are not. Find out how ClearCorrect can give you your dream smile.

What is ClearCorrect?

This orthodontic system is vastly different from other traditional braces out there today. While you could choose to wear the regular bracket-and-wire braces (these traditional braces do offer some advantages, too) there are many older teens and adults who couldn’t fathom wearing metal all over their teeth even to correct certain issues. This is where ClearCorrect comes in. These custom-made clear aligners are made to fit over your teeth to gradually shift your teeth into the proper alignment over time.

What should you expect if you get ClearCorrect in Morrisville, NC?

Before you can get this aligner system, we will need to make sure that the issues you want to correct can easily be treated with ClearCorrect. Once we have deemed you an ideal candidate we will need to take impressions of your mouth so that a dental lab can map out the proper course of treatment to realign your smile.

Once you get your custom aligners you will wear each one for about three weeks at a time. During this time you will want to wear them as much as possible, only removing them before eating, drinking (anything besides water), brushing or flossing. The rest of the time you should be wearing them.

As you swap out the aligners over the course of your treatment you will see changes in the look and shape of your smile, which can be quite rewarding. During your treatment, you will also come in every few weeks to check the progress. How long you will need to wear your aligners will really depend on the severity of the issues you wish to fix. In most cases, it will take about one to two years to achieve the results you want.

Elite Smiles in Morrisville, NC, is here to meet your dental needs. If you are ready to find out if ClearCorrect is the best choice for you, call us today to book an appointment with us.