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The Advantages of Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, you might have noticed yourself developing problems eating, speaking or chewing. You may have even become self-conscious of the gaps in your smile. However, there is a permanent and secure way to replace your missing teeth. With help from your Morrisville, NC dentist Dr. Geetha Sripathi, you can revive your smile and replace your missing teeth with Dental Implantsdental implants.

What are dental implants? 
Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants permanently integrate into the bone below the gum line. The implant’s fixture, the small post which integrates into the bone, replaces the tooth’s root. The implant’s abutment connects the fixture to the crown, which replaces your tooth. Implants are made to last a lifetime with proper care.

What can I expect from the dental implant procedure? 
The procedure for dental implants takes part in two phases. The first phase involves a consultation with your dentist, preparation for surgery and implantation of the implant’s fixture into the bone. Before surgery, you and your dentist talk about realistic expectations for your results. The implant’s crown is customized based on molds taken of the teeth before surgery. A dental laboratory creates the crowns while your implants’ surgery sites heal. Surgery to implant the fixture into the bone requires several months of healing time. This time also allows the post to integrate into the bone, forming a solid foundation for the rest of the implant.

Phase two of the procedure happens once the surgery sites heal and successful integration has been achieved. The implant’s abutment attaches to the fixture. The abutment connects the crown to the fixture, completing the implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants? 
Other forms of tooth replacement like dentures or bridges are not made to last as long as a dental implant. They also carry the chance of falling out or moving around, causing potentially embarrassing social situations. Additionally, dentures require nightly soaking when they are not in use, and scrubbed every day before putting them back in. Dental implants require the exact same care as your natural teeth: brushing, flossing and twice yearly dental examinations and cleanings.

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